Quarterly Performance Monitoring

As provided under the Legal Notice No. 93 under Section (9) and in line with the Performance Contracting Guidelines for the 11th Cycle, the Inspector-General (Corporations) provides performance monitoring in State Corporations. In the 2015/16 performance contracting cycle, the 1st quarter performance reports from State Corporations were received in the month of October 2015.  The feedback process to Corporations which submitted the quarterly reports to the Office of Inspector-General (Corporations) is ongoing and expected to be completed by end of November 2015. The feedback reports provides recommendations on remedial measures aimed at assisting Corporations achieve their annual targets.

Project monitoring

To facilitate efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by State Corporations, the Office of Inspector-General (Corporations) undertakes monitoring of projects, programs and activities outside the Performance Contract through scheduled visits to state corporations. In August 2015, projects monitoring was carried out at the following State Corporations:-


Appointments of members of Boards of State Corporations
In line with the provisions of the State Corporations Act Cap 446 and respective Corporations’ enabling instruments, either the President or Cabinet Secretary appoints members of Boards as appropriate. The Boards provide leadership in the management of state corporations. The most recent appointments of Board members is as detailed in the Kenya Gazette No. Vol. CXVII-No. 107 dated 2nd October 2015.

Meeting Public Investment Committee

Participation in meetings of Public Investment Committee of Parliament
Arising from its mandate of providing inspectorate services to state corporations, the Office of Inspector General is represented in all Public Investment Committee (PIC) meetings. In the period of July to October 2015, ten (10) State Corporations were scheduled to appear before the Committee. The main item of deliberation was Annual reports by Auditor General. Reports with no issues are usually considered as unqualified/clean audited report while those with specific issues that need attention of PIC are considered as qualified audited report. It is these qualified report that management and Boards are required to explain to PIC where the necessary guidance or directives are issued.

In some cases state corporations can be summoned by PIC to respond to issues of public interest reported by oversight authorities, or appearing in the media.