Welcome to Inspectorate of State Corporations website.

The Office is established under the State Corporation Act Cap 446, Laws of Kenya. The office is currently overseeing over 220 operational State Corporations which are the Engine for driving Kenyan economy and achievement of Vision 2030. The office is committed to professionalism and objectivity by its staff in promotion of good corporate governance in State Corporations for enhanced service delivery.


This function involves carrying out management audits in State Corporations to ensure compliance with set policies, rules and procedures; and providing advisory services to Government and other stakeholders on matters affecting State Corporations. Read more

Surcharge and Restitution

This function entails recovery of lost funds to the State Corporations through a surcharge process. In order to safeguard public resources, the Inspector-General (Corporations) is empowered under the State Corporations Act, Cap 446 section 19 to surcharge those responsible for loss and restitute the lost funds to the state corporations. Read more..

Performance Management

This function involves review and provision of feedback on the quarterly and annual performance reports of State Corporations as provided in the Legal Notice No. 93 of 2004 which expanded the mandate of OIGC. Resource 2. Legal Notice No.doc. Read more..